The Valleys Reality TV star Celebrates a Baby Shower

Posted : Friday 11th September 2015

“The Valleys” was a one-off reality MTV show set in Wales which with first intentions, tried to be a similar reality show to the beloved “Geordie Shore”, but it didn’t quite have that effect from the public that the presenters were hoping for... however if you do remember Lateysha from the show, you’ve probably seen her beautiful memories caught on camera lately. Lateysha took to Twitter & Instagram to share ultra glamorous snaps of her baby shower including her lush Baby Shower Gifts, followed by her newly born bundle of joy.

Various Interviews & mixed emotions have been revealed that almost all of the TV reality stars from the show will not miss filming for “The Valleys”. MTV producers decided to axe the fourth season due to its loss in the ratings therefore after being interviewed, everybody has decided to go back to either studying, starting their own businesses or in Lateysha’ case – starting their own family.

At the Baby Shower, the traditional role was kept with the gender baby shower decorations and even then the mum-to-be was colour co-ordinated.

The former “Welsh Beyonce” looked beautiful in a pastel pink wrap-over dress matched with gold lace-over heels. We are glad that Lateysha has ditched sky scraper heels and short dresses and has traded them in for elegant gowns, comfort clothes and motherhood.

What comes with not just the reality TV stars, but anyone who is classed as “famous” is criticism. The birth of Wynter now is not much of a shock however from the very start; Lateysha had intended to keep the pregnancy as private as possible. Back in May last year, Lateysha was forced to reveal the news due to being abused by Internet trolls mocking her unintentional weight gain.

Yet still maintaining the Queen B attitude, Lateysha hit back and stated that she wasn’t bothered that she was “fat” at the moment because she was pregnant. This was by far the most inconvenient way for anyone to reveal their wonderful news, but we’re so glad Lateysha embraced her pregnancy glow and curves.  To the exciting and teary eyed part, Lateysha stated in an interview “Baby Wynter was worth the wait” followed by “she’s just so beautiful, I cannot stop staring at her!”

Wynter Anna Grace Charles was the finale name that the long-term couple had agreed on, and has definitely bought joy into Lateyshas & Bens life.

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