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  • Orchestra trumpeter killed in crash - A "hugely respected" trumpet player with the London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is named as one of three victims of a fatal crash on the A1 at the weeken...
  • Force 'must improve' cuts plan - Frontline services could be affected if Nottinghamshire Police does not put in place plans to save £8.2m next year, a report warns.
  • Progress promised at troubled trust - The head of a Nottinghamshire NHS trust said progress is being made despite a call for more changes at its two hospitals.
  • Black youth focus of community film - The lives of young black people in Nottingham and Leicester in the 1980s are being compared to those of today, as part of a community film project.
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What's happening in Nottingham

  • Healthy Eating Tips For Local Families

  • KEEP THE WHOLE FAMILY IN TIP TOP SHAPE. Family life can be hectic and keeping up with the fast pace of it can be difficult, which also means having regular healthy meals can be easier said than done.

  • Push For Local Apprenticeships

  • INVESTING IN THE LOCAL WORKFORCE. The Nottingham council and government have tried many initiatives over the years, one being local apprenticeships.

  • Getting On The Property Market

  • EASIER SAID THAN DONE! The mortgage and property market looks to be improving slightly through better mortgage deals. However the market still lacks direction and combined with lack of incentives for new buyers and government cuts it looks like it could be a while before it rises.

  • Are You Insured? Are You Covered?

  • BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY! In this day and age it seems as if everyone is trying to sell you insurance for everything such as pet insurance, phone insurance, laptop insurance and tablet insurance.

  • The Local Transport Infrastructure

  • HOW DOES OUR LOCAL TRANSPORT COMPARE? For years people in the Nottingham community have made their feelings known when it comes to public transport.

  • Council Tax Rises As Councils Set To Save Money

  • MORE CUTS..... GREAT!!! Many councils across the UK now have the choice to either increase council tax, raise the funds by cutting back on other factors or even worse they do both.

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